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German Auto Repair in Dublin
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  • 4 Kahler's Werkstatt

    This is an excellent facility where I can trust that competent, quality work will consistently be performed on my Porsche.

  • 5 Kahler's Werkstatt

    Big improvement in AC. Work completed on time.

  • 5 Kahler's Werkstatt

    I have been using Kahlers European auto service for more than 20 years and have never been disappointed in the service received. Ash and Menash are actually the second owners and I think they are carrying on the tradition of the original owner Denny Kahler. I have used them for both MBZ and BMW service, and they are expert on Porsche as well. I only wish this level of service and honesty was available from more automotive service garages.

  • 5 Kahler's Werkstatt

    I've taken my 911 here for a bit over a year (since the factory warranty ran out) and have been pleased with the service. They have been very up front with what I need and what I don't and trust their recommendations. On top of that they charge reasonable rates (or, at least what I think is reasonable). I recently had to have the tiptronic transmission redone (oops) and they did a very good job. I don't know about their Mercedes or BMW service, but I recommend them for Porsche service.